The Ideal Age Difference Between a Happy Couple ???

Love knows no age.

However, this does not stop people trying to figure out a successful formula of love, the ideal difference, though this is only an arithmetic expression. Only problem, this turns out to be a “highlight” and not knowing one important secret, right, and it can not be solved …
One of these problems were as follows:
Given: The ideal relationship between husband and wife love to the grave – life is beautiful.
Q: How old is the husband and wife? Correct answer:On assurances of some psychologists, numerologists, the difference between <1 year (wife of the same age ) – creates a difficult union achieved understanding in such a marriage is difficult.
For example, if one spouse decides to make a career, and the other is not – as soon as there misunderstandings and so a year – contributes to material well-being, 2 years – can exist only if the spouses share common interests, 3 years – will provoke a spirit of rivalry between husband and wife, 5, 10, 15 and 17 years – helps to create a sufficiently strong alliance, provided that the husband and wife will link the common cause, and with one of the spouses will be driven, 6, 9, 12 and 20 years – will create serious test Marriage,7, 14 and 18 years – is suitable for secret extramarital love, married to a possible misunderstanding of the difference and mystery, 8, 13 and 19 years – ideal for a harmonious marriage,11 years – creates a relationship “to extremes “when love is replaced by hatred and vice versa, on the results of sociologists, the ideal age difference between husband and wife is as follows:
from 1 to 5 years -The preferred option for 37%, from 5 to 10 years – ideal for the difference 29% of respondents and any difference is good – so say 20% of Russians, provided always that there is love in the family .
According to research, the ideal age difference is likely to depend on the nationality and temperament.
Thus, the difference: In the 6 years is suitable for Sweden, it was there held one of the current research, proving that the best men to marry women younger than 6 years old, the age of 15 will be just right in Finland, researchers have made ?? this conclusion by examining the 700 marriages between church from the XVII to XIX century, and decided that if his wife younger than her husband for at least 15 years – is a guarantee that the family will be born healthy and strong offspring, as do family ties are long and strong.
In any case, whatever may be the difference between you and your husband, you can always be happy, or an exception to the rules of evidence or the sad statistics. The secret is the ideal difference lies in the fact that the watch does not have a passport for a year … but in this age of the person.In fact, a man not so much old as it looks, and not as much as it is written in his passport, and exactly as much as he behaves at home, at work, at home and with friends. aches and all the criticism in his 20? The old man!
Let him busy army of salvation.brave, thoughtful and courageous in the 50?
This means that – in the prime of life, and years … And, therefore – we fit!

10 Wacky Tech Habits We’re Totally Guilty Of Tech Habits We’re Totally Guilty Of

    Nothing seems to invite superstition and strange behavior like the new and complex world of technology. As we’re learning to use and interact with a bevy of personal devices, we’re each developing small, but hugely strange, habits. Habits largely without any sort of redeeming value beyond making us happy and comfortable.


    Everyone’s got their quirky habits, right?

    Like any of you are perfect.

    Psssh !!!


    We wanted to unleash 10 awesomely weird, unusual tech-centric habits we’re totally guilty of:

  • Unplugging only at 100 percent. Yeah, it doesn’t matter. But we always do it anyway.

  • Leaving the plastic screen guard on our new gear for as long as possible. It’s there to ward off scratches, isn’t that a good thing?

  • Going into the Apple Store at the mall when we don’t need to buy anything. Even if you have an iPad at home, isn’t it fun to play with the ones in the store?

  • Using our laptop for warmth. Sure, we could put the DVD on our bedroom TV, but cozying up with Mr. MacBook sounds so much better in the winter.

  • Being nearly OCD about washing our hands before we handle white tech. What? Those little rubber earbuds stain so fast!

  • Opening up a GMail tab every time we fire up our browser. Even if we just checked for new messages a split second ago on our phone.

  • Re-routing our GPS midway along our journey. We want to make sure we’re still on the shortest route, OK?

  • Taking our phone to the bathroom (and sometimes even our laptop). What? You do it too.

  • Spending more for something “official” or “approved.” Sure, generic would be cheaper but we’d rather have the real thing.

  • Not opening up the box until we’re ready to use our new tech. It keeps that new feeling, like it’s fresh of the shelf.

If you, too, want to clear your chest of your own strange techie behavior, share it with us in the comments!