ZTE USB Modem Unlocked

Download FREE Huawei USB Modem Unlock Software

In recent times, mobile broadband internet has been made possible with the introduction of 3G enabled mobile phones and of course USB modems.

With a 3G enabled USB internet modem, you can browse anywhere, anytime as long as you have your laptop with you.

Sometimes, your internet service provider might go off air and leave you stranded without an internet connection thus the need to make sure that your very own portable USB internet modem is FREE to work on any network thus making migration smooth and seamless Winking smile.

This quick tutorial will show you how to get the unlock code for your Huawei USB Modem etc. with the help of the Universal Master Code.  (GOOGLE IT, YOU CAN FIND IT TO DOWNLOAD)

Download and Run Universal Master Code.

  1. Select the Tab For the modem you’d like to unlock. In the screen capture below, we are working with Huawei,
  2. Type the 15 digit IMEI number of your Huawei modem. The IMEI number can be found on the USB modem itself or on the packaging it came in.
  3. Select the Model of your Huawei USB modem and if not present, you can leave it to AUTOSELECT.
  4. Hit the Calculate button and wait a few seconds for the software to create the appropriate unlock code for your modem.
  5. Your unlock code is as shown circled in red. If you wish to flash the modem, the flash code is also provided.

Get Huawei Unlock Code Using Universal Master Code Software


Now that you have successfully gotten the unlock code for your Huawei USB modem.

     In Next Post, I will let you know how to use the Unlock Code.


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