Getting the most out of your laptop battery.

Laptops are common computers these days and they use Lithium Ion batteries in them, but there are lot of myths about how to get the best out of your Laptop batteries and properly handled laptop battery should last you 3 – 5 years based on the make and the battery life cycles, In this article I show you some of the tips to keep your battery in top condition so that it will give you the most juice.

1) Do no completely dis-charge your battery every time before you charge them, this will considerably reduce it’s life as it puts a lot of strain on Lithium Ion batteries, these are not the old NiCad rechargeable batteries that require a complete discharge before you recharge them.

2) It is best to charge the laptop frequently best idea is to charge it once the battery level is between 50 – 70% do remember that short charges are better on Lithium Ion  batteries health.

3) Many users think that by charging the battery again and again you might reduce the number of battery life but that is not true it is better to charge that battery at say 50% rather than when it is at 5%, when you charge you battery at 50% only half of the cycle is used so it would take 2 charges to complete a charge cycle.

Li ion Battery

4) If you use you laptop mostly on AC power then it is a good idea that every once a week you use it on battery power and drain the battery  to about 50% this will ensure that the electrons in the battery keep on moving hence keeping the battery healthy.

5) Do note that the easiest way to kill your laptop battery is to continuous keep it on AC power all the time, you think that you are keeping the battery fully charged but this will reduce the life of the battery considerably, when not using the laptop remove the AC power also make sure you follow the point number 4 given above if you use the laptop mostly on AC power.

6) Every two month or so do a complete discharge of the battery and charge if fully before using the same this will calibrate the battery so that the battery reading will give you accurate estimates.

7) Also make sure that you do not charge the laptop in very hot conditions as while charging the batteries they heat-up a bit and charging in very hot environments like closed rooms specially in summer is not a good idea, remember Lithium Ion batteries do not like a lot of heat also the inverse is also true do not charge the batteries in very cold freezing conditions, it is best to charge laptop batteries in comfortable room temperature if the temp is comfortable for you it is good for the batteries.

8.) Also if you do not plan to use your laptop for a few days do not leave it on the AC charger, charge the battery and disconnect the AC power from the laptop, on the other hand If you plan to store your laptop for extended periods of time then is best to charge it upto 50 – 60% and then store it and again before using the laptop charge it completely.

By following these simple tips you will get better life out of your laptops batteries and they will also offer you better backup power, do remember once a Lithium Ion battery is abused or it has lost it’s considerably storage capacity it is very difficult to regain it’s health completely so if your old battery is not giving you the backup it is time to replace the same and just follow these tips to keep your new battery is top condition.


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