List of Different Types of Doctors and What They Do

There are different types of doctors and what they do depends on their field of specialty. If you are a budding doctor and want to know more about the career options related to types of doctors and what they do, then the following article will prove to be a useful read…

Doctor, a profession that elicits respect and high esteem from people from all walks of life. The profession of saving lives, helping new life come into the world and giving new hope to the ill and distraught, is considered to be next to godliness. There are different types of doctors and what they do is to help make life better. All of us have at least once in our lives visited a doctor and the doctor has helped us in some way or the other. Many aspire to become a doctor to help the sick get rid of their maladies. Medicine is one of the most sought after professions in the world and is one of the highest paying jobs in the world. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to go home with the feeling of satisfaction that you just helped saved a life? If you too are medically inclined and wish to do your bit for society and also have a stable financial future, then becoming a doctor is the way to go! The following list of different types of doctors and what they do will help you learn more about this highly noble medical job.

Different Types of Doctors and What They Do

The world is Mother Nature’s marvel that is blessed with different wonders of the natural world like the human body system. But, with every blessing comes some kind of curse and this curse that plagues the living world is diseases. There are different kinds of diseases and disorders that are either due to microorganisms, parasites, non-functioning of different organs in the body, biochemical imbalances, genetic or hereditary problems, etc. Many times, people suffer from different kinds of accidents natural and man-made, gunshots, stabbing wounds, burns, and many other innovative types of grievous injuries. These different medical problems are taken care of by different types of doctors and what they do, according to their field of specialization. There are hundreds of examples around the world, where doctors have been able to pull men out of the jaws of death with their medical expertise. If you too want to face different medical challenges, then the following list of different types of doctors and what they do, will help you find a foothold in the medical world.

Audiologists: These doctors help patients with different ear problems and help children who are either deaf or mute to learn to communicate.

Allergist: These doctors help in treating different kinds of allergies and immune system disorders like hay fever, asthma, etc.

Andrologists: The andrologist helps in diagnosing and treating disorders related to the male reproductive system.

Anesthesiologists: They study and administer anesthesia and anesthetic medicines that help in facilitating treatment, diagnosis of medical conditions and complete minor and major surgeries without the patient having to feel more than the prick of the anesthetic needle.

Cardiologist: These are doctors of the heart that diagnose and treat heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Dentist: Perhaps one of the most feared doctors of all is the dentist due to their tooth extraction habits! These doctors are concerned with dental health, teeth and dental problems like cavities and bleeding gums. They treat gum diseases, straighten teeth, carry out root canals, etc.

Dermatologists: A dermatologist studies the skin, its structure, functions, and diseases, as well as its appendages (nails, hair, sweat glands) and treats the related ailments.

Endocrinologists: A doctor who studies disorders of the endocrine system and their glands, like thyroid problems and other such hormonal imbalances and the specific secretions of hormones is what entails an endocrinologist job description.

Epidemiologists: Epidemiologist are the doctors who are also known as ‘disease detectives’. They carry out study of diseases and come up with ways of prevention of diseases through vaccinations, etc.

Family Practician: These are your friendly neighborhood doctors who are basically general physicians, and treat patients of all ages & medical non-emergency conditions usually in a clinic.

Gastroenterologists: A doctor that studies diseases of digestive system and gives treatment related to the gasteroenterlogy.

Gynecologists: The doctor who studies and treats diseases of the female reproductive system.

Hematologists: A hematologist studies blood and its diseases.

Hepatologists: Hepatologists study and treat diseases of the liver.

Immunologists: The doctor who studies all aspects of the immune system in all organisms and gives treatment to diseases of the immune system.

Infectious Disease Specialists: The doctors who study & treat diseases that are caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and are usually based within the hospital. These doctors are involved in a lot of research work.

Internal Medicine Specialists: These doctors provide diagnosis, management and nonsurgical treatment of unusual or serious diseases and are usually found working in hospitals as intensivists.

Internists: These doctors focus on adult medicine and have completed a special study related to the prevention and treatment of adult diseases.

Medical Geneticist: A medical geneticist is the doctor that carries out studies, tests, treatments and counseling patients with genetic diseases.

Microbiologists: A microbiologist studies causes, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Neonatologist: The neonatologist is the doctor that provides medical care to premature and critically ill newborn babies.

Nephrologist: The doctor who treats kidney diseases and problems.

Neurologist: These are doctors who treat one of the most delicate and important organs of the body, the brain. They treat conditions like seizures, strokes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Neurosurgeons: These are surgeons who treat central and peripheral nervous system diseases that can be cured or controlled to some extent with mechanical intervention.

Obstetrician: This is a part of gynecology and the doctors are experts with childbirth, C-sections, gynecological surgeries like hysterectomy, surgical removal of ovarian tumors, examination of the pelvic region, PAP smears, prenatal care, etc.

Oncologist: An oncologist job description entails treating cancer patients.

Ophthalmologist: The doctor that takes care of eyes and treats various eye problems and performs different eye surgeries.

Orthopedic Surgeons: The doctor who is concerned with the skeletal system of the human body, that is, bones. These doctors make no bones about broken, fractured or arthritis struck bones!

ENT specialists: An ENT specialist treats the Ear, the Nose and the Throat, as well as to some extent some ailments of the head and the neck. This field is also known as otolaryngology.

Perinatologist: The doctor who is an expert in caring and treating high risk pregnancies.

Paleopathologist: These doctors are into the study of ancient diseases.

Parasitologist: The study of parasites, their biology and pathology, as well as the parasitic diseases caused by them is carried out by a parasitologist.

Pathologists: The study of abnormalities in living organisms, diagnosing diseases and conditions from tissue samples like blood or biopsy samples. They also work as medical examiners & carry out autopsies to determine the cause of death. These doctors usually do not come in contact with the patients directly as their work is mostly lab work. They are therefore called as a ‘doctor’s doctor’ as they speak to doctors of the patients rather than the patient himself. There are many doctors who specialize in forensic pathology and help the police and FBI solve crimes.

Pediatricians: A pediatrician is the doctor who studies and treats medical problems of infants, children, and adolescents.

Physiologists: A physiologist is a life science doctor who specializes in physiology.

Physiatrist: The doctor whose specialty is medicine and rehabilitation.

Plastic Surgeon: A plastic surgeon is the doctor who can literally change the life and look of a patient. He performs cosmetic surgery to repair skin and structural problems that may alter the personality of the patient for good.

Podiatrists: The doctor who studies and treats disorders of the foot and ankle.

Psychiatrists: These doctors specialize in psychiatry, that is, a branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnoses and treatment of mental illness and behavioral disorders.

Pulmonologist: The doctor who diagnoses and treats lung conditions and treatments and even manages critical care patients admitted in the ICU and those that are on ventilator support.

Radiologists: The study of medical use of X-rays or other imaging technologies for diagnoses and treatment of disease is carried out by an radiologist.

Rheumatologsists: These doctors treat allergic conditions & autoimmune disorders.

Surgeons: A surgeon performs operations, related to different sub-specialties of medicine like general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, cardiothoracic surgery, ENT, maxillo-facial surgery, plastic surgery, oral surgery, transplant surgery, urology, etc.

Urologists: The urologist is a doctor who studies the urinary system and treats urinary tract infections.

Emergency Doctors: Emergency doctors are those who offer their services in the emergency room (ER) and are on call 24/7. They treat various emergency cases that vary from poisoning, broken bones, burns, heart attack, and anything and everything that can be termed as a medical emergency.

Veterinarian: Although, all the above fields are concerned with human treatment, the veterinarian is also a type of doctor and what they do is treat animals. They take care of different diseases of the animal world. There are different kinds of doctors within the field of animal medicine and like human doctors, the veterinarian too has his field of expertise in case of animal problems.

This was some medical career information related to different types of doctors and what they do. There are over 50 to 60 specialties of medicine and each specialty with different types of doctors and their salaries. You need to understand your area of interest and then choose your line of specialty as a career. I hope this article on different types of doctors and what they do has helped you find your field of interest.

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  1. Saweta Bharti

    Now I am in class 8 & I want to become a doctor after std 12 , so what should I do?

    • Sai

      Study hard. Medicine is vast so u have to prepare well in all aspects.
      All the best.

      • First of all , u should take a decision as 2 what u want 2 becime in your life……any type of specific branch in medicine or anything like that…..then study from now on for that :)…..success will be too want 2 b a doctor……hope 2 meet u sometime in future as distinguished doctors……YAY…..Hope it benefitted u…Bye from Dr. Jemimah James [JJ or Jemi]. :)

      • Safa

        Thank you for this useful information sir. My question is in with type of doctor we can earn more profit ?

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      • Izzy

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      • Ayham

        Dear Timbo,
        If you have nothing positive to say, then keep it to yourself. More importantly, you have no need to doubt others who you do not even know. A wise man once said “don’t tell me what I can’t do!” and I’m sure saweta is thinking the same thing,
        Best of luck to you saweta!

      • Nicole

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      • sharkisha landry

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      • Taylor

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    • princess

      study well

    • emmasaid

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    • emmasaid

      study really hard, don’t waste your time on useless stuff. its really hard so you better study harder i’m not saying you wouldn’t be able to do it, but don’t waste you time. I wasted my time and now I have no time to do anything and I might fail my GCSE so don’t do the same mistake that I did please and good luck and never give up achieve your dreams

    • you have to study well and get a scholarship

    • study hard and good luck saweta

  2. Ruwpa

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    • zara

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      Not a good comparison. God doesn’t prescribe potentially toxic and addictive prescription drugs to patients. Compare a typical doctor who is controlled by the AMA to a puppet. Doctors mean well but have to follow the guidelines (strings) or they’ll get fired. That’s that. The simple truth.

  3. Cristy

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      • Johnejiboy

        Every body study hard so dat u can make it in life. Remember “no cross no crown”.

    • Izzy

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    • someone

      Your not at all a nice person , you are saying hurtful things to people you dont even know. But im sure if your were hurt or sick you would rely on a doctor who went through a lot of training to become what they are today………Just stop and think on how hard they worked

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  9. Marvin

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    • ruby

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  11. ruby

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  12. dr.shah

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    • Nicole


      • Eshal

        Nicole, you are the only one I agree with! I am also ten, and I was browsing the website because I too want to become a Doctor.


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    • THREE


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  14. D career list was great and i loved it.thanks

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  16. Godgift Ify Patrick

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  17. Al Harun

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  22. Izzy

    Now to change the subject from the notorious timbo back to MEDICAL STUFF!!! This page REALLY helped me. I’ve recommended it to a few people already and they loved it too. When I grow up, me and a couple other people already made up our minds and swore on our lives that we are going to start a children’s hospital when we grow up. Its going to be called Hospital for Angels. It’s going to cost money but with the money we make we are going to send over foreign third world country children to be cared for and sent back. This dream is one of those things that will never change.

    • you have a very good and intelligent comment , and you real have a very good future may God bless you .

  23. motivated

    i hope it comes true bro god bless you

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  27. Love

    I wnt 2 b a doctor bt i dnt whch one.

    • Izzy

      Well there a lot of things to consider, such as are you good under pressure, can u stand seeing a lot of blood, (surgeon,) are you ok with being in charge of someone’s pain or sleep (anesthesiologist,) do u like to know about people’s genes and heredity, (pathologist, paleopathologisy, medical genetist,) do u like to look at bones, find casts interesting, (radiologist, orthopedic surgeon/specialist,) do u like children, have great patience, (pediatrician, general practitioner (family doctor,) do u get along great with others, especially children, understand others greatly, not afraid to bring up the worst and best case scenarios for anything thrown at you, (physiatrist, physiologist,) etc.

  28. I really want to be a doctor but I don’t know what kind of doctor I can do ??

    • Izzy

      (I copied this from my above reply) Well there a lot of things to consider, such as are you good under pressure, can u stand seeing a lot of blood, (surgeon,) are you ok with being in charge of someone’s pain or sleep (anesthesiologist,) do u like to know about people’s genes and heredity, (pathologist, paleopathologisy, medical genetist,) do u like to look at bones, find casts interesting, (radiologist, orthopedic surgeon/specialist,) do u like children, have great patience, (pediatrician, general practitioner (family doctor,) do u get along great with others, especially children, understand others greatly, not afraid to bring up the worst and best case scenarios for anything thrown at you, (psychiatrist , psychologist,) etc.

  29. srishti

    i just want’s to become a doctor because doctors are very good and they saves our life……

  30. name

    I always wished to become a doctor as well. Although i fell discouraged recently because I learned i am kind of in a predicament trying to learn biology. Is there any chance i may still be a doctor without knowing an successfully learning “Biology.”??

    • Izzy

      U could start a hospital if ur good at engineering

      • name

        Thats the thing, i dont really “know” what Im good at; I just always wanted to be a doctor. Some of my choices include Hematology, Paleopathology, or Neonatology. I just worry that i wont be able to make it into the medical field due to the fact that i am not the best in science.

      • Izzy

        Do u believe in god? Because if u do pray to him for help. Continue studying ur science and if it truly is not ur path god will tell u and help u. Just put ur whole faith into Him and u WILL succeed. My promise.

      • name

        However i am really good at math!

  31. Sangeetam Srinivas

    Thank you so much for the above info hear forth i will follow the consultation based on the list of above specialist.

  32. Epidemiologists sound the most interesting! :D Listen, they are disease detectives. But you have to have great knowledge for that.

  33. Honor Student

    Hi Guys! I also want to become a doctor but I’m only in Middle School so right now all I can do is keep my grades up!

  34. Please help me to choose my field of doctor I am in class 11

  35. david makanji

    I want to become a doctor so what can i do

  36. “Hai ! Iwanna become a doctor so what are all the steps are taken to become a doctor?….!,.!”

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  39. shubham gupta

    when i start the study of doctor
    means after 12th or after 10th…

  40. I passed grade 12 last year and i want to be the Oncologists what should i do?

  41. firdose malik

    I really got an idea of becoming a gud and specialized doctor in these different fields….
    I want ti become a very fine doctor and i will do it this is my promise…

  42. Joyce

    My name is Joyce and i want to become a gp when i grow up

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  44. Katniss

    Thank you:-)

  45. hehehehehehehehehe

    ima be a pathologist so I can work with the FBI

  46. Caleb

    I wish to help people with cancer.. my aunt died of cancer and I wish to help other people with it.. im only 12 but I look forward to become a Oncologist.. I hope every1 reads this and becomes successful in life bye and god bless all.. even timbo

  47. list the different kind of doctor and what they do.

  48. list the types of doctors and what they do.

  49. list the type of doctor,how and where they work in parts of the human body.

  50. Katniss

    I needed this website again for my homework

  51. hilary

    may God bless my goal amen

  52. I must make it by God’ s Grace

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    This is cool I want to becone a pathoalagist In life I really dident know what I wanted to be until I looked it it up and it sounds interesting

  54. Scott Winters

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  57. very helpful

  58. I wnn bcum a nephrologists so how many years of training do i hv to spend.

  59. Meghna

    they are very good and i agree with rupwa

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    I want to become a surgen any tips

  63. just me

    being a doctor is such a hard decision…………there are too many options to choose form

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    Would love to become,a surgeon.please help out,on information you might have for Matric as we its for next year

  65. i want to be a great doctor

  66. Cady

    Neurologist, Oncologist, Phychiatrist and Pulmonologist!!! Deep interest in all these fours. I can’t decide.. Which one’s easier?? Neurologist??

  67. i always wanna be a psychiatrist

  68. i luv medicine,it fun once you work hard and u have to be very careful.thank you.

  69. thomas

    im at a military school and it sucks someone give me some good advice

  70. Nicole

    Thank you for making this website, I want to be an Infectious Disease Specialist, a Medical Geneticist, a Neonatologist, a Neurosurgeon, an Obstetrician, a Parasitologist, a Pediatrician, a Surgeon, or an Emergency Doctor. :) I am always watching Untold Stories Of The ER and Monsters Inside Me. It has made me want to be a doctor. I am 10 and I have wanted to be a doctor for a few years. I want to help people so I think being a doctor would be interesting and kind of fun.

  71. Milli

    LOL! the above comments, was soo ridiculous! All the cursing and arguing…

  72. Avery

    Thank you very much I know what job I want now!! Radiologist

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    Hhi m ashina n m pass my entry exam for the university n v.much excited to become a good doctor. pray for me. N I wanna become perinatoogist or cardio surgeon ^^n by the way u r manner less timbo =( I’ll never hope to see a person like u in ma future

  74. fifi

    I’m currebytly in matric and I’m doing sciences…I really want to be a doctor in the next few years but I don’t know which one to choose between:pediatrician;oncologist;obstetrician and neonatologist.I want to be a doctor whose duty does not require researches and it should be the simplest above all types of doctors because I get an average of 50% in physical science
    Please assist me good people

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    Man, everyone here that cursed at timbo is immature. The best thing to do with retards is to leave them alone.


    now I am twelve pass and I want to become a doctor’so what should I do?

  83. how do i get a scholarship. am from zambia

  84. i had chosen the carear field to the nephrologist

    • Eshal

      Really? My mom and dad are both Doctors so I have a good influence. My dad is also a nephrologist.

  85. All in favor of no more oncologists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    let’s hope that no one has to be an oncologist! Let’s hope that we cure cancer so that all we have to do is give someone a shot and their cancer will be cured! Let’s hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • but everything is not perfect. cancer is deadly people willing to do this type of job i will acknowledge. saying such thing let me think of the people having cancer. i had a friend that died of the age of 13 from having cancer!

  86. Amierul

    i really want to be a doctor but sometimes, i think being a doctor is no time for the family…hmmm what shoud i do…? :(

    • Taylor

      Just because you become a doctor doesn’t mean that you won’t see your family. You may lose some family time but it’s part of the job, and growing up. Becoming a doctor of any sort is an amazing choice. And even if you lose some time with your family, you could be saving the life of someone and saving their family. Choosing to be a doctor is a great thing, and it helps the lives of everyone. Go for it.

  87. kenz

    A Doctor is nothing more than a mental consolation.

    • Taylor

      Doctor’s save lives.

    • but also we cant say anything to you because we all have a different life and we all think mostly different. you must of had a different type of life or different experience. this is what i think about you from your comment. it is a saying (((“the frog in the well”))) there is a story to it.

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  93. sradha

    i don’t want to be a doctor but then also i like a doctor

    • now when i read your comment i thought of a type of person you are (i think) you can’t chose why being a doctor is better or not. right?. you have a lot of reason why being a doctor is better and also at the same time you have a lot of reasons why being a doctor is bad. your really in between of seeing what is better being a doctor or not. i think you are thinking that the money is good right? if it’s what you are thinking this job is maybe not good for you. it doesn’t matter if you have to work hard and breaking a spine or a hand. its about helping the people around your enviroment.

  94. Amierul

    I want to be an engineer but I always score in subjects that require memorization and one more thing is,i’m always weak in subjects that require calculation…what should i do….?pleasee i need some advice..hmmmm :((

    • hmm.. this is what i can say ” are you willing to become engineer? if you are you have no worries. if you can work hard and is willing to sacrifice your life than i can a sure you that you can become what you want.

  95. chels

    awesome thanks!! i now have 4 things i could possibly be when i grow up.

  96. It’s my presure to say a word of thanks to everybody that have encounter with google

  97. emoya

    I also want to be a doctor someday and I believe the important thing is to never give up. To me, there’s just something amazing about helping people and the community. I belive we were all put on this Earth by God for a purpose; people need people. Change in our world all starts with the individual:)

  98. Austin

    I agree most people in my class put me down because Im shooting for something so high but as long as you do well and don’t give up you can make it

  99. lalli

    Thanks for the information!!!!!

  100. Joseph

    i want to be a surgeon,what should i do.

    • first you have to work hard and learn what you can learn to get the job. but also you will need a goal not a normal goal but a spiritual goal. what i think is you will need to think what this is for about money? if its about money then this job is hard to get if you think about this is for the people. because the people is trusting you and relying on you. you hold there life in your own hands. remember this is for the people not for the money but the people.

  101. abii afsha

    please …,help me ..i aim is 2 bcm a cardiologist…there is any diffucult in that?

    • yes there is difficulties and first you have to believe in yourself that you can learn hard and willing to do so. if you can do that and work hard for the people then i a sure you that you can become what you want to become.

  102. sane plenty ngcobo

    well i too am a grade 10 educant i want to become a surgeon but am scared i dnt like blood it pises me off but i love people and i enjoy being around them am a god fearing person i will lay hands upon the sick as i am injecting them OMG

  103. joanna

    i want to be a dentist but my parents want me to be a pediatrician..i am very confused. help me please

    • deekshitha

      go with u r dream as no one will be with forever but your career profession will last for ever so better be dentist

    • THREE


    • “if i was you ill will ask my parents first then ask them “why?” if its about money you can say “people is more important than money” and go with your choice”

  104. Emmanuel chimyz

    I want to be a haematologist

  105. career

    Why do your parents want you to be a pediatrician?

  106. career

    I have to choose a career for a health and career project for school. Should I be a neurologist, or an optometrist?

  107. Maria

    Im in 9th and i want to become a psychologist , how many years do i have to study more ? can anyone tell ? and please tell me more about it ! thanks :)

  108. I really want to be either Pediatrician or Oncologist. But I don’t really know if what preparatory course should I get. :) :(

  109. need a doctor to update me more on infectious disesae specialist

  110. any doctor that can update me on infectious disease specialist

  111. maria

    im a grade nine learner.after finish grade 12,I would like to study to be a neurologist.what subjects I must take next year?

  112. kisakye frank


  113. kisakye frank

    what take one to become asurgeon

  114. jaylee

    Im 11 and i want to be a emergeny doctor

  115. Please let doctors online educate us on their field on science

  116. Ranganath Ashrith

    For there subjects
    they are doctors
    gynecology , neurologist ophthalmologist …… & etc

  117. Medicinal Plants Cure

    Origin of the word CURE-
    Middle English (as a noun): from Old French curer (verb), cure (noun), both from Latin curare ‘take care of,’ from cura ‘care.’ The original noun senses were ‘care, concern, responsibility,’ in particular spiritual care (hence sense 3 of the noun). In late Middle English the senses ‘medical care’ and ‘successful medical treatment’ arose, and hence ‘remedy.’

    If you’re going to use the word CURE place it in an accurate context.

    Consider being a Naturopathic Doctor. These are the real doctors who heal!

  118. Medicinal Plants Cure

    Holistic doctors!

  119. salman

    hi everybody my name is SALMAN I am 19 years old, I am studing now GENERAL EDUCATION DEGRE (GED) after I complete my and earn Dibloma, I wanna go college and my career is to become a proffisional Doctor, so anyone who can give me some tips that can help me to meet my goals please forword me your opinion. thanks

    • i got some tips that my dad told me “if you are willing to work hard and break your back. if you are willing to help people lives. if you are willing to sacrifice your self to the people. if you can help the people this way you will definitely,definitely achieve your goal without a doubt but remember its not about how much money you get. good things come around if you do good things to your enviroment”

  120. Eshal

    I am thinking of becoming a pathologist. I am still deciding what kind of pathologist.

  121. Nyan Tun Oo @ Noe

    i am thinking on Family Practician but i am still deciding on it
    Any suggestions ? PLEASE
    Please suggested me any good university for it !
    Thank U !

  122. Wow awesome.Thanks for the information

  123. what i think about being a doctor in the future. is not how much money you get. its not about how much profit you get. its about how much people you helped and saved. there lives, peoples lives are more important than money. remember in your new job in the future or whatever job it is. it’s about helping the people around you and making the world a better place. parts of the world cant get doctors even if they did. they wouldn’t have enough money for the medicines and resource. so please think about helping people also the society. not about you getting profit.

  124. Rihanna Malik

    This website actually helped me on want type of doctor I wanna be. I wish everyone success in life! Thank You!

  125. Omolemo moka1

    I never really knew there so many medical expects thanks for the online information

  126. very informativ. Its going to be of great help to me cos i’m realy findin science difficult.

  127. Love Twinkle

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow :P

  128. Esther Oben

    So im in my final year in high school and I want to be a pediatrician because I really love kids. What can I do ?

  129. Precious

    Yo its intresting guyz, I ddnt knw abt ths web! I lyk ur advcz thy’v changd my -v attitd.

  130. ishmael mashele

    i`m doing my first year at TUT and i like to be the nephrologist

  131. i am in nine grade, i want to become a audiologist can some one help me what subject are best ,please help me thank you everyone

  132. John Dean

    I want to know much which medical doctor treat polio?

  133. Mercy

    What subjects should i take in high,if i want to be an emergency room doctor

  134. Precious

    Mh-u,stop arguing abt God plz.The main busnss is a career nothng else.

  135. Levi

    You forgot naturopathic doctors and docs of Chinese medicine

  136. Zama

    im in Grd 11 and ispecialise in physical sciences and mathemetics iwant to be adoctor what should ido

  137. prince

    Wats with the arguments

  138. i want to be a doctor by the grace of God my plan we prosper

  139. Pray so that God we help you for your own plan, because with God all thing are posible

  140. Lala

    Thanks for sharing

  141. Dariann Watson

    Being a doctor or even a nurse is my dream job. But, I never knew I would have to choose from so many fields.

  142. is it goood being a doctor ?


    Timbo’s mad dumb. Timbo’s mad dumb! TIMBO’S MAD DUMB



  145. ThumbInUrBum

    TYou dont kno what ur talking about^^^^ figget

  146. ThumbInUrBum

    dont mess wit me timbo is my cousin!!!! bitch


    Dont use those asstereces to hide swears B****!


    I D1D 7H4t 0n purpose

  149. ThumbInUrBum

    fine u can be a doctor but i am super elite supreme doctor

  150. AThumbInUrBum

    hey guys whats going on?

  151. byucowdduw1uvcdw u dwc

    Nice list ,……. usefk

  152. Cassie Brown

    I think that it would be nice to be a dental hygienist. They are the one’s responsible for cleaning your teeth and helping the dentist! :)

  153. I want to be doctor but don’t now wich,after looking those web-site there were so many kinds of doctors I can dream is to become one and I want stop until I become one. Even though in the future thre want be enough jobs but I want stop I will keep working hard no matter what,until
    I achieve my all who read this don’t stop tell you achieve your dream even if you now there is not going to be a lot of jobs gust continue to believe in your dreams.

    By:AL Qubli Nasser

  154. Gontse Baloyi

    I have learnt alot about different types of doctors and especially the emergency doctors

  155. Helen

    someday i would like to be a doctor

  156. some are doctor caring and some are not why?

  157. hello…
    m studying in class 11th..and I have taken PCB with psychology… and I want 2 become a paediatrician… as I love babies…and I want 2 treat d poor kids and help them..pls tell me how should I plan everything… and start working from now 2 achieve my dream..

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